A1 Detox Review

A1 Detox Review. In an age when we are preoccupied with the digital world and busy with our daily lives, A1 Detox is the perfect way to take time out for yourself. You’ll enjoy a detoxifying massage, a body polishing, and a charm, to name a few. With a little time away from the digital world, you’ll be glad you took the time to treat yourself to a spa day.

Whiskey Pickle’s new record

This twelve-inch record from the Austin-based label is a fusion of leftfield deepness, cosmic grooves, and psychedelic tinges. Produced by DJ Rocca, an Italian producer with a prolific discography, ‘Detox’ is reminiscent of early 80s electronica. Its title track, ‘Tropicale 17’, is a lush arpeggiated jam that sounds like Kraftwerk has gone to the Japanese wilderness.

A1 Detox
A1 Detox

Total Eclipse today

There’s a chance you’ll catch a Total Eclipse today. If you’re looking for a cleanse for the same day, Total Eclipse is your best bet. This day, a total eclipse will block 96% of the Sun’s center for about 2 minutes and 20 seconds. You should also remove your solar filter to enjoy the eclipse, as direct sunlight can be harmful. This cleanse is an all-natural detoxification process that will eliminate toxins from your body.

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