How to Get Golf Cart Financing

How to Get Golf Cart Financing, there are many ways to obtain golf cart financing. Lenders are often concerned with your credit score, so it’s important to keep your current debts to a minimum. You can raise your credit score by paying off your credit cards, as this will show lenders that you’re responsible with your finances. In addition to your credit score, many lenders will check your insurance package, so be sure to buy insurance that is affordable and provides adequate coverage.

Club Car

If you’re interested in purchasing a golf cart, you may be wondering about Club Car golf cart financing. Club Car works with several different finance companies to make this possible. A primary one, Yard Card, works with Club Car dealers and offers lines of credit to individuals.

This means they’re flexible enough to work with almost anyone who applies for credit and offers flexible revolving credit options. Sheffield Financial and Yard Card are two other companies that provide Club Car golf cart financing.

The club car company offers special financing for certain models. The Onward, Villager, and XRT vehicles are eligible for financing. This financing is available as a revolving line of credit or a fixed installment loan. These programs are subject to credit requirements and may have certain restrictions, so shop around and compare rates carefully before applying for financing. If you have bad credit, you may want to consider using the club car financing program through Sheffield Financial. There are fixed installment loan options available as low as 1.9%.


EZ-GO golf cart financing offers competitive rates and repayment plans for qualifying consumers. This financing option is available to qualified applicants through participating E-Z-GO Authorized Dealers. Interest rates can be as low as one percent per month and repayment plans are structured monthly. E-Z-GO financing offers are available in 50 states and are subject to credit approval. Pre-owned E-Z-GO golf carts may be eligible for financing, but you must bring a valid certificate of approval to a participating dealership.

  • rent-to-own option is an excellent option for people with poor credit. The concept is similar to leasing a car, where the payments you make each month go toward the price of the golf cart. If you no longer want to own the cart after the lease period has ended, you can simply stop paying the rent. Although poor-credit financing is likely to carry higher interest rates and a higher monthly payment, the manufacturer of the golf cart still makes money by making this arrangement.


When it comes to purchasing a golf cart, Yamaha is a great choice. The company offers competitive financing with interest rates as low as 1.99 percent. This type of financing is much different from that of Club Car or E-Z-GO. Because Yamaha is a manufacturer, they do not work with third parties to provide financing, making it easier for those with less than stellar credit to get a loan. It is also easy for dealers to communicate with buyers, making it convenient for all parties.

Another option for financing a golf cart is rent-to-own. The concept is similar to leasing a car, whereby you pay a certain amount of rent in return for the right to purchase the golf cart. Eventually, you can stop paying rent and own the golf cart outright. Unfortunately, poor credit financing is usually accompanied by higher interest rates. This is because the system is designed to make the manufacturer money by offering financing to those with bad credit.

EZ-GO requires a minimum credit score

If you’re thinking of purchasing an EZ-GO golf cart, you’ll need to know how much credit score you need to qualify. Different manufacturers have different credit requirements. In general, you need at least a 550 FICO score to qualify for a golf cart financing loan. However, this credit score requirement can vary from retailer to retailer. If you have a subprime credit score, you still have a good chance of securing golf cart financing. However, you may end up paying high interest rates if your credit score is lower.

Generally, if you have a poor credit score, you’ll be required to pay a higher interest rate than you would on other types of financing. Some lenders will offer a “rent to own” option, where you pay a monthly rent that goes towards the purchase price of your golf cart. Eventually, you can stop paying the monthly rent and have the golf cart of your dreams.

EZ-GO offers extended-term financing

Depending on your needs and budget, EZ-GO offers several different types of golf cart financing. With these financing options, you can pay off your golf cart over a period of 12 to 60 months. This type of credit works through a company called Sheffield Financing, and they charge 1.99% interest for 48 and 3.99% for 60 months. You can also choose to make a down payment of anywhere from 10 to 20% of the purchase price.

The loan comes with a fixed interest rate and monthly payment plans, which means you don’t need to worry about unforeseen costs. You also benefit from the fact that the interest rates are very competitive. You can get financing at low rates if you have good credit and a stable income. You can take advantage of this loan option if you’re interested in an EZ-GO cart, but it’s important to shop around before applying for a loan.

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