Merlin Finance – EC Sales Reporting and Customer Account Drill Down

Merlin Finance – EC Sales Reporting and Customer Account Drill Down, Merlin finance offers fully integrated sales & purchase intrastat reporting, including EC Sales Reporting. Merlin also offers a Stock Management module that facilitates real-time, accurate stock replenishment. This article will explore a few of the features offered by Merlin’s stock management modules, including EC Sales Reporting and Customer Account drill down. To read more about Merlin’s business management solutions, click here. The article also explains how EC Sales Reporting and customer account drill down help business owners improve business processes.

merlin finance offers fully integrated sales & purchase intrastat reporting

If you’re looking for a fully integrated management accounting system, Merlin is a great choice. The software’s integrated sales and purchase ledgers link to each other, allowing you to link the VAT return to the sales and purchase ledgers. You’ll also be able to implement EC Sales Reporting, and receive a full archive of customer and sales invoices. The software even embeds purchase and sales ledgers in your customer and supplier contact information, allowing you to track the entire lifecycle of your business.

Stock Management module facilitates real-time, accurate stock replenishment

A business’s inventory management is the process of managing the flow of inventory within an organisation. Stock management makes it possible to accurately predict how much of a particular product will be required. In turn, this allows the business to order the correct amount of stock at the right time, without incurring unnecessary costs. Merlin’s Inventory Management module makes it easy to forecast and order the right amount of inventory at the right time.

EC Sales Reporting

If you are looking for a system that makes EC Sales Reporting a snap, Merlin Finance may be the solution for you. Merlin combines the advantages of sales and purchase ledgers into a single software solution. Merlin is capable of managing multiple currencies and companies simultaneously, including those that operate on different time zones. It can also support the creation of complex fractional calendars. EC Sales Reporting provides detailed information about invoices and customer accounts. Merlin also supports printouts of sales invoices.

Customer Account drill down

Customers can drill down into their Customer Accounts to see how much they’ve spent and how much they owe. The Customer Account drill down at Merlin Finance makes it easy to see the details of every single transaction that a customer has made with your company. The customer detail report is part of the accounts receivable module and displays the customer’s transactions in detail. If you need more detailed information about each customer, the Customer Detail Report can export data to Microsoft Excel.

NMBS EDI feature

The NMBS EDI feature at Merlin has enabled its customers to eliminate the time-consuming, error-prone process of manually posting supplier invoices. NMBS Merchant customers raise Purchase Orders with NMBS Supplies, and suppliers process these orders electronically. The suppliers then submit invoices to NMBS for posting, using the XML format. The NMBS Software automatically links these invoices to debtor accounts, making the whole process completely automated.

Multi-currency and multi-company transactions

While many companies deal with one or two currencies, many others have multiple currencies. For example, European companies often deal with the Euro and domestic currency. United States companies may have a wide variety of currencies, including the dollar and several others. Multi-currency transactions require the management of specialized software, including foreign currency journals and revaluation. Without proper accounting software, this can become a serious hassle.

Job vacancies at merlin finance

Looking for a new job? Merlin finance is looking for a Finance Intern to join their Johannesburg office. If you are a recent graduate looking to start your career in finance, the Finance Intern will be responsible for processing creditors’ invoices. As part of the programme, you will also be responsible for building a relationship with your suppliers, ensuring that all cashbook payments are processed accurately, replenishing petty cash, and preparing payment files. You will also be responsible for providing remittance advice to creditors.

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