Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill

Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill. If you’re looking for a comprehensive drug rehab in NJ, look no further than Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill. They offer treatment for drug addiction ranging from prescription drugs to alcohol, and focus on the progress of each patient. The program can be tailored to a specific age group or language group and can take cash, private health insurance, or military insurance. To make your stay as comfortable as possible, check their payment options. Read on to find out more about Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill and how they can help you.

Treatment options

Offers comprehensive treatment for drug and alcohol addiction, focusing on the progress of the patient. It specializes in certain age groups, provides special language services, and accepts payment from cash, private health insurance, and military insurance. The cost of this program is very affordable and depends on the patient’s individual circumstances. To find out more about Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill, please visit the website. To learn more about its staff, visit

Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill
Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill

Treatment at Sunrise Detox is supervised by professional staff who are certified addiction counselors and detox technicians. The facility offers medication and medical support to help patients with withdrawal symptoms. Patients can access treatment anytime, as they can be admitted at any time. The facility has additional centers in Stirling and Toms River. Patients can also be referred to Sunrise Detox by treatment centers in the surrounding area. Listed below are some of the treatment options that can help you get sober.

Payment options

If you are in need of a drug and alcohol detox center in New Jersey, consider Sunrise Detox. This treatment facility specializes in drug addiction and focuses on a patient’s progress. The program at Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill is designed to provide the resources necessary for long-term sobriety. Treatment lasts between thirty and ninety days, depending on the severity of the addiction.

The facility accepts private health insurance, military insurance, and cash payments. Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill accepts a variety of payment methods and offers payment assistance for those who need it. Most of these options are convenient, and the facility will work with you to make the payment plan work for you. If you do not have health insurance, you can also pay in cash or for a program that requires a deposit. If you need more assistance with payments, addiction counselors are available to answer your questions.

Pre-employment drug testing

If you’re interested in a career in substance abuse treatment, then you should consider Sunrise Detox. Their staff is comprised of caring professionals who specialize in helping those who struggle with substance use disorders. Licensed clinical social workers are on staff to help clients get the help they need. Staff members are trained to identify signs and symptoms of addiction and can help patients choose the best treatment program for their particular situation.

The company operates five state-of-the-art clinical medical detox facilities in New Jersey, Florida, and Atlanta. The new Cherry Hill facility will open this summer, creating 30+ new job opportunities. At this summer’s opening, hiring agencies will be on hand to answer questions and provide information about the new facility and its upcoming job opportunities. Among the benefits of working at Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill are its onsite employment opportunities.

Aftercare support

For individuals in need of a medical detox, Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill offers a full range of services, from inpatient alcohol and drug rehab to continued recovery programs. Sunrise Detox Cherry Hill’s professional staff uses multiple treatment types to ensure that its clients achieve sobriety and lasting recovery. Many insurance companies cover their treatment costs, so you can rest assured that you won’t be out of pocket.

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