What You Need to Know About ProStar Holdings Inc (NASDAQ: PROS)

What You Need to Know About ProStar Holdings Inc, ProStar Holdings Inc. (NASDAQ: PROS) has a ISS Governance QualityScore of 82. The company also offers a range of useful features, including historical data. If you’re interested in knowing more about this stock, read this article for some key information. Here are some other useful features of this company:

ProStar Holdings Inc.

ProStar Holdings Inc. is a provider of precision mapping solutions and geospatial intelligence software. These software applications provide real-time location of critical infrastructure, including pipelines, power lines, and other assets. The company offers its customers a variety of cloud and mobile applications that can be used by both internal and external users. To learn more about the company’s products and services, visit its profile on PitchBook.

The company’s Precision Mapping Solutions capture utility assets throughout their lifecycles, from planning to construction and operational maintenance. These solutions reduce costs, and minimize the risks of economic and environmental damages. ProStar has a growing client list, including Fortune 500 companies and local government agencies. Its Precision Mapping Solutions are also embedded into several large US universities’ engineering curriculums. This makes ProStar one of the leading providers of this technology.

ISS Governance QualityScore

The ISS Governance QualityScore (CGQ) is a ranking system based on eight core metrics that institutional investors and analysts use to evaluate public companies’ corporate governance. This report measures corporate governance in terms of social, environmental, and governance-related factors. The ISS is a for-profit company and is one of the most respected data providers. Its mission is to help institutional investors better understand and analyze the risk associated with various aspects of corporate governance. With the ISS CGQ, investors can evaluate the quality of public companies’ management by determining how corporate governance can affect shareholder returns.

The ISS’ Governance QualityScore methodology is based on publicly disclosed annual reports and filings to eliminate the risk of analyst bias. It is updated at least once daily, and this update is reflected in ISS’ proxy analysis. However, ISS’ online site may not show the updated score until the next day. The update is not immediately visible unless a company has a publicly disclosed annual report and/or proxy.


ProStar Holdings, Inc., a world leader in Precision Mapping Solutions, recently announced the completion of a partnership with Trimble. The integration includes Trimble’s GPS/GNSS receivers and the Trimble Software Development Kit. PointMan is an easy-to-use solution that surpasses the NJDEP mandate and leverages cloud, mobile, and GPS technologies. The new partnership will enable municipalities to use the PointMan solution to meet NJDEP mandate requirements.

The company also announced that Utility Mapping (Aust) Pty Ltd., a leading provider of underground utility location solutions in Australia, has adopted PointMan as a cloud mapping solution. The company provides innovative utility location solutions, survey services, and non-destructive digging services. Its innovative solution is ideal for government agencies, utilities, and private companies looking to streamline their business and workflow processes. PointMan is the company’s patented solution for capturing precise location and geospatial intelligence.


As a world leader in Precision Mapping Solutions, ProStar Holdings Inc. (OTCQX: MAPPF), has received several accolades recently, including a spot on Fast Company’s list of the World’s Most Innovative Companies. This award recognizes companies that are defining the future of innovation and change in the business world. To see which companies are leading the charge, check out the company’s latest press release.

A world leader in precision mapping solutions, ProStar holds over 20 U.S. and Canadian patents in various technologies. The company’s patented technology allows users to capture critical infrastructure, create data records, and store it on the cloud. This ensures safety and efficiency for the users of the company’s products. The company’s full profile is available on the PitchBook Platform. The company’s latest news is announcing its first round of public offering for its patented software.

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